Calangute is one beach in North Goa that every tourist personally ensures to visit before he or she departs from Goa. Millions of tourists just love this Calangute beach and prefer living close to it. That’s why we have our Resort Park Avenue near Calangute beach.

For more than 5 decades Calangute beach is considered by tourists as the Queen for beaches for the following reasons:

Golden Sands Beach

Lots of Lifeguards on the beach

Calangute beach is safe for swimming

Plenty of Beach Shacks to eat Seafood

International Cuisine Restaurants too in Calangute

Discotheques are to be found close to Calangute

Calangute is full of Indian & Foreign tourists always.

Beer & Alcoholic drinks easily available on the beach.

Night Clubs are in plenty all around Calangute village.

Hundreds of Multi – Cuisine Restaurants all over Calangute

Picnics & Parties happening at every nook and corner of Calangute beach

Largest amount of Para Sailing Operators on Calangute beach

Huge choice of Water Sports activities on Calangute beach

Beach Sun Beds available in plenty on Calangute beach

Beach Game Events happening on Calangute beach

Plenty of Boat Ride Organisers on Calangute beach

Dolphin Sight Seeing Trips in Calangute beach



The Beatles Band comes to Calangute beach
The first famous visitors to Calangute beach were the band members of world famous The Beatles band. The Beatles visited and stayed at Calangute beach way back in the early 1960’s

The Hippies come to Goa beaches

In the late 60’s, Hippies from San Francisco in United States of America and from London in England were finding and discovering new shores for expressing their youthful freedom and non conventional way of living without rules and regulations. The Hippie’s and the Hippie movement discovered and landed in Goa. Prime, Pristine & Pure. Goa with all its beaches including Calangute was waiting to be discovered by the Hippie Cultural movement. To the down to the earth, Hippies who were always living a heavenly life, Goa and its beaches such as Calangute beach was a Nirvana like destination to them.


5 Star Resort Tourism begins in Goa in 1974
In 1974, the Taj Group opened India's first international five star deluxe beach resort, the Fort Aguada Beach Resort in Goa at Sinquerim very close to Calangute beach. Thus the beach of Calangute from the early 70’s started getting 5 Star Tourists and rich visitors to Calangute beach.


Chartered Tourists make their arrival to Calangute Beach and Goa
The early beginning of 1980’s saw the continuous stream of chartered tourists arriving on Calangute beach and other beaches of Goa. Goa was being swarmed by the middle class tourists of Europe for whom holidaying in Calangute and Goa became the cheapest and most exotic destination to get a natural beach sun tan on their white skins.


Slowly, Steadily and Surely Goa becomes the Millennium Destination of many Indians, Country & Continent hopping International tourists and the serious studious traveller with his backpacker who will want to see and study the whole of India and finally unwind in Goa before heading for home. During the 2000’s the floating population of Indian and International tourists coming to the Queen of Beaches that is Calangute beach and Goa in general was equal to the resident/permanent population of Goa. For Example: If 1.5 million was the local Goan population in Goa, then within a span of 6 months from October to May the tiny state of Goa would welcome around the same amount of tourists to holiday in Calangute beach and other parts of Goa.


Calangute beach along with all of Goa has undisputedly become the Mecca of Holiday destination in India and the whole wide world. Since 2010 Goa has become by tourist’s choice the 365 days destination of India. No longer does Goa have any off season. There are monsoon loving tourists who visit Goa even during the rains. Calangute and Goa has truly become an all the year round holiday destination.

2013’s and beyond

Latest news reports show that Goa witnessed an arrival of 27 lacs or 2.5 Million tourists to Goa. Out of the 27 lacs only 6 lacs were Foreigners and the rest were Indians.

With Calangute beach at the epicentre and the whole of North Goa welcoming the Active tourists while sending the passive tourists to South Goa for a quieter holiday, Goa is booming on the tourist front. Calangute and Goa is poised to become the Las Vegas of India.

The Mac Group of Holiday Companies is proud to say that they have 02 prime properties providing Holiday accommodations to tourists from all over the world. Our two Calangute holiday properties are Resort Park Avenue near Calangute beach and the other in Calangute village at Resort Village Royale.